[Outdated] All New Members, Read this Please

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[Outdated] All New Members, Read this Please

Post  QBcrusher on Sun Dec 11, 2011 12:02 am

Welcome to South Park guys, I am QBcrusher

You are off to a good start, if you are seeing this, you have made a forum account.
Now point yourself to the Post your Deck section and
post your screen shot.

To do this.

Hit reply, then hit the little host an image box.
Upload your file and then copy the middle code and paste it. now take out the url and /url section on the code.
Hit submit.

Awesome, your all good to go!

Here is some thing to remember when in faction wars.

Always try to keep an even score in points. If everybody goes even or positive, we win. Simple as that.

When fighting, NEVER use auto, ALWAYS fight on manual.

When you have 2 cards left and you know you are going to lose, always surrender. It will give the other team half the amount of points.

Good luck in your fighting everybody! Be proud to be a member of South Park =]
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