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Yesterday was a pretty fun day. We hung out with our new friends. First we went out to this guys house who was selling bikes. Unfortunately, they were out of bikes so we couldn't get one. Then Jess and I went to Subway to fill out job applications. Afterwards, we ended up going to one of the public pools because it was really hot out. Pools are fun, don't get me wrong, but it really pisses me off that you have to get out of the pool like every hour I think. I don't know why, but I heard it is some kind of weird Ohio regulation. I think it is ridiculous, because they give you just enough time to get dry and then you have to jump in the cold water again. It makes me miss the beach so much.

After swimming, we went to their house for the night, where we smoked and drank. We played some beer pong and played a card game called Kings. I did alright at beer pong, considering I have only played it a couple times. Kings is a pretty fun game, every card has a different meaning and every person takes turn drawing cards. When you draw a card, you stick it underneath the tab of a beer in the middle. Who ever cracks the beer open has to chug it. Here are all the cards and what they mean:

Ace- Waterfall (everybody chugs and cannot stop chugging until the person before them stops)
2- You (pass out 2 drinks)
3- Me (take 3 drinks)
4- Floor (last person to point both hands to the floor has to take a drink)
5- Guys (all guys take a drink)
6- Chicks (all girls take a drink)
7- Heaven (last person to point both hands to the sky takes a drink)
8- Social (every one cheers and takes a drink)
9- Rhyme (person who draws picks a word, and everybody must rhyme until someone messes up)
10- Category (drawer picks a category, and everyone says something in the same category. ie. cigarettes; marlboro, camel, pall mall, etc)
J- Thumb Master (if thumb master puts thumb on table, last person to put their thumb on table drinks)
Q- Question (drawer asks a question, first person to answer must drink)
K- Rule (drawer gets to make any rule)

Yeah, it was a pretty fun night. I will write again when I have something interesting to talk about =P
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