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Post  QBcrusher on Sun Jun 24, 2012 5:48 pm

Yesterday was actually a pretty fun day. We went to this thing in Columbus, Ohio called ComFest (short for community festival)

Pretty much, it is like a hippie festival. There are tons of local bands playing, bunches of stands selling shit, people smoking pot everywhere, and girls walking around with no shirts on. If you could imagine complete freedom in America, that is the closest thing you will find.

Its kind of weird though, seeing cops walk right by people smoking pot and not saying a word to them. Everybody is just in a great mood and as long as nobody hurts anyone else, they are free to do whatever they want.

The only downside is that it is blazing hot out (which could be assumed since its summertime)
Oh, and all the food is INCREDIBLY overpriced (just like any event though)

Regardless, it was a great day, and I'm happy I got to go for my 3rd year in a row.

But yeah, I just figured I would write a small post about it, maybe if you are in the area around this time next year, you can go yourself.

I'll write again when something else interesting happens.
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