The Federal Reserve Transparency Act

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The Federal Reserve Transparency Act

Post  QBcrusher on Thu Jul 05, 2012 6:49 am

Ok, so I know it's pretty bad that I've never heard of this before (being a Ron Paul supporter and all) but I just heard about the Federal Reserve Transparency Act.
It is a bill that has been put up for review (for the 2nd time now) that would basically require the Federal Reserve to be audited. Now, of course since they are pretty much pulling the strings around the world, they have to go through this long ass process to get it passed. Honestly, this bill shouldn't be necessary. Think of it this way; If the government wanted to audit me, you, or any other person/business, they would just do it, right? What the hell makes them so special that we have to go through all this bullshit JUST to find out how OUR countries budget is being spent? Obviously they are trying to oppose it, but lets think; why would anyone oppose being audited? I don't know, maybe because you have something to hide? OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE, this wouldn't be such a tough process if there was nothing to hide.

All I have to say is: If this bill doesn't get passed, I have lost ALL hope in America.
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