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Post  QBcrusher on Sat Jul 28, 2012 4:10 am

One thing that I find very pathetic is people who take their fast food job wayyy to seriously. I mean yes, it is important to make sure the customers are served fresh food, in a reasonable amount of time, while maintaining a clean environment. That is your job description in a nutshell. There is no reason (in my eyes) to make sure you follow every rule, word for word and put your sweat and blood into a business that you aren't even making a fraction of the profit from. One of my bosses actually said something that made me chuckle today. A worker walked in behind the register to clock in. The boss stopped him and said "I can't afford to pay everybody an extra three minutes." All I could think is "Seriously? First, YOU aren't paying the checks, and 2nd, God forbid the multi-billion dollar corporation forks out an extra 5 dollars every day." Its like these people are brainwashed to think the money is actually coming out of their pockets. They are McSlaves. I really wish these people would just lighten up a little and actually treat their employees with respect like they deserve. I'm not saying all my bosses are like that, most of them are pretty cool actually, It's just specific people that act like that who piss me off.

Anyway, that's my rant for today. On a positive note, I am still getting nice hours and it appears it will continue to go this way. Hopefully soon I will have saved up enough to buy a car, considering I'm not cashing any of my checks until I have enough.

I'll write again sometime soon.
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