A Very Mean TV

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A Very Mean TV

Post  QBcrusher on Wed Sep 05, 2012 7:47 am

So Jess and I went to our friends house Monday night. We were hangin out down in the basement and our friend has the bright idea to try to carry one of those big ass CRT TVs down the stairs by himself. Well, it didn't turn out too well. He felt it slipping, and he grabbed onto it harder. You know how the weight on those things are oddly distributed where most of the weight is in the front? As he grabbed onto it, it flipped and busted him in the face, and he fell down the stairs after the TV. Now, when it happened, I didn't notice it hit him in the face. He covered his face with his hand, and I assumed it was just one of those facepalm moments. But, I quickly realize its not a facepalm when his girlfriend starts freaking out and we notice blood gushing out of his nose and mouth. He walks up the stairs to the bathroom and rinses all the blood off, but he is still extremely fucked up and vomiting constantly. So needless to say, we ended up going to the hospital. He ended up having a few fractures in his face, but it was actually good because they didnt have to do the facial reconstruction surgery they thought they would need to do.

We went to Grand Medical Center in Columbus, Ohio. It actually was a very nice hospital, but we all had one major complaint. They pretty much promised him he could leave early in the afternoon, and he got completely fucked around all day. Apparently, they only had one person qualified to read his final catscan, and of course, that person was in emergency surgery all day. Now, I understand that he had to save lives, but it is completely unacceptable to keep someone an entire day because they are waiting for their discharge papers.

We google'd it and read about AMAs (against medical advisement) and he told the people at the desk he wanted to sign one. 10 mins later a nurse came in and advised him not to do it, because his insurance may not cover if he does that. 20 mins later after that, she showed back up with his papers.

This was odd because before he mentioned an AMA, they were telling him he may have to wait another night. This sucked because he wanted to go home, as well as us because he was our ride home lol.

Anyway, after a long night and day, we managed to get our around midnight. At least he was ok, and didn't have to get face surgery.

I'll write again soon (hopefully about the trip I want to take very soon)
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