2012 Presidential Election

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2012 Presidential Election

Post  QBcrusher on Sun Oct 07, 2012 7:34 pm

Anybody think this election is a fucking joke? I mean seriously..People need to realize that it is false that not voting Obama means you HAVE to vote for Romney, and visa versa. We need to take our country back from these Lobbyists before it's too late.

I actually signed a petition the other day when I was walking down the street to Impeach Obama. The papers they handed out actually had quite a few interesting facts. Like for instance, I did not know that Obama started the war in Libya without Congress' approval. That is a crime impeachable in itself. A president cannot bypass Congress and start a war UNLESS:

1. We have been attacked
2. An attack is iminent and it is completely necessary to take military action to prevent it.

It's just fuckin ridiculous how quick presidents are willing to sacrifice hundreds of U.S soldiers lives for their own selfish needs.

Again, I think it's about damn time we take our country back, and I believe more and more people are starting to realize this as well.

Anyway on a lighter note; today is my moms birthday and we went to the Lancaster fair today. It was pretty fun aside from the fact that it was cold as balls out.

Right now she is making Stromboli, so the night should end as well as it started.

Oh, I got the sweetest card for her for her birthday. It is one of those ones that make sounds when you open it, but it was different than anything I've ever seen. This one has a spinner inside and when you open it, an announcer starts talking like you are on a game show and the wheel starts to spin itself. Depending on where it lands, is the message the announcer will say. I have to admit, it's pretty freakin sweet.

Well anyway, I just thought I'd write a little something about my day.

I'll try to write again soon.
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