Protesting Alone

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Protesting Alone

Post  QBcrusher on Fri Dec 14, 2012 7:38 pm

LOL so I decided to make an END THE FED sign and stand on the corner of Main Street and 33 in Lancaster and hold it up. Shortly after an hour of being there a cop decided to ask me what I was doing, asked me to explain what I was protesting and I told him I was protesting to stop letting a private bank control our monetary system. He said a few people called and complained that they almost wrecked looking at my sign but then he proceed to say he cannot tell me to leave because I am doing the right thing and not breaking any laws, he just asked me to be careful and I shook his hand. Its nice to see a good cop for a change...

Oh and FYI, I got great feedback from people driving by. Lots of honks, thumbs up, fist in the air, all that jazz. More people are waking up than I thought.

Actually, there was one lady that screamed "Get a job buddy!". Although I am unemployed at the moment, it's not like I have never worked before. It shows the pure ignorance in some people. What does END THE FED have to do with getting a job?

Either way, just that one lady was the only one that actually spoke up against me. Compared to like the 50 that were on my side, that shows that we are actually getting somewhere and the numbers are starting to tip to actually create a movement.

Well I am going to cut this post off and write a new one, talking about some of the stuff I got for my Bug Out Bag.
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