Introduction to Ascension and The Galactic Federation

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Introduction to Ascension and The Galactic Federation

Post  QBcrusher on Sun Dec 16, 2012 10:10 pm

So I have been doing research about UFOs and 12/21 and I ended up stumbling upon a concept called Ascension. It is honestly the most upbeat concept that I have came across, and honestly I haven't found any contradictions and it kind of goes hand and hand with the Bible

For an introduction to Ascension read this:

To read about the channelers read:

and to read the actual channelings go:

You will have to select which category you want to read about. I personally have been reading SaluSa. I know it may seem crazy at first, but just read about it with an open mind, and it starts to make sense to you subconsciously.

Questions/Comments are welcome.
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