Gun Control Rant

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Gun Control Rant

Post  QBcrusher on Thu Dec 27, 2012 12:40 am

Today I am going to discuss gun control in the united states.
Obviously, this is a big issue right now because of the sudden increase in mass shootings.
i personally believe most of these shootings are set up, but that is a topic for another day.
anyway, at this moment in time, we find ourselves at a dangerously unhealthy balance.
the problem isnt that we dont have strict enough gun control, the problem is that we are putting up big signs saying "HEY CRIMINALS, EVERYBODY IN THIS SPECIFIC PLACE IS UNARMED, COME HAVE SOME FUN!!!"
If you put up a sign that says gun free zone, the law abiding citizens will not bring a gun. but is that sign going to stop the criminals. they will seize the oppertunity to pick off defenseless people.
lets think use an example. picture you are a criminal. you decide you want to go out an murder people today. now, would you go into the place that says "weapon free zone" or would you go into the place that says "all staff are heavily armed, and will shoot if necessary"
Its common sense. Most people leave their TV on at night when they go to bed. This is because most criminals will not commit a crime if they think there is a chance that they will get caught. Now, if a tv switched on will prevent a criminal from robbing your house, what do you think the chance of a bullet in the head will do?
restrictive laws do not stop crimes from occuring. If they did, we would be a drug free nation.
Now, that fucktard piers morgan has made only 1 good point in his entire push to disarm us. And it was that the gun crime rate in britan is incredibly low because they have no guns. Ok, thats fine, maybe the brittish people don't mind being disarmed, but contrary to popular belief, a big majority of the american people do not like having their freedoms taken away from them, not to mention the time and money it would take to effectively disarm over 150million people.
If you look at the gun crime rate in places that are heavily armed, it is even lower than that of britans. Also, our so called gun free zones have an ungodly amount of gun crime. As i mentioned earlier, that is because we have a very unhealthy balance. It is impossible to maintain low gun murder rates when you mark only some places as gun free. It is basically an all or nothing situation. And judging by the resistance that the people are giving on this, I think the logical answer would be ALL.
I would also like to make the point that a disarmed nation is one that can be very easily invaded. If a foreign threat tried to invade the united states or switzerland right now, they would have one hell of a time, considering both countries have enough guns to arm every citizen.
Now, could the disarmed brittish population say the same thing? I think not.
If you wish to argue this point, try asking any of the surviving holocaust victims how they feel about gun control.
I would like to finish off with the generic (yet very true) statement that guns dont kill people, people kill people. Jeffry dommer didnt shoot a single one of his victims. If you are an evil person and have intentions of killing, you will do so, regardless of what weapon regulations the government has. If they actually manage to take away every gun, that just means the knife crime rate will sky rocket. if you take away knives, people will beat eachother to death. There is absolutely no possible way to prevent every violent crime from occuring, so who is to say that the good guys shouldnt be armed to protect themselves?
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