Alex Jones vs Piers Morgan on Gun Control

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Alex Jones vs Piers Morgan on Gun Control

Post  QBcrusher on Tue Jan 08, 2013 12:14 am

Tonight on CNN, Alex Jones was invited to debate Piers Morgan on Gun Control. In my opinion, Alex did great!

Just because he got loud and crazy doesnt mean he will shoot you. He is simply letting out that "If you try to take my guns, you will get shot"

I think it is so stupid that people are afraid he will shoot you. He asked for a boxing ring for christs sake, he did not threaten to murder anyone.

If you are so transfixed with the fact that he yelled, rather than the fact that he is saying we need our guns to protect us from tyrannical government, you are a fool yourself.

Go ahead, hand your guns in. If you truly think handing YOUR guns in will protect you from crazy people with guns, you deserve what you get.

If Alex would have let Piers Morgan get a word in, he would have never got a word in, like Piers has proven in the past. I do believe he went a little overboard, but he presented many non-debatable facts and I believe he did exactly what he came to do.

A comment I found interesting on Facebook

By Craig Thomas: I have a theory... Alex's Infowars site reported that he was detained by the TSA while flying to do the show, Maybe it was their intent to get him angry before he even got on the show so that this would happen, cause I know Alex has a temper and can't control himself when he gets angry, but it's true that all his points are right, but they wanted to make him look bad in this way.

Another comment I saw:

Lol to all you people who like Alex's views are freaking hilarious. FYI all of us Canadians have taken a poll and have decided IF you get your guns taken away, were coming down there and we're going to invade your country. Hahahahahaah

Regarding the 2nd comment, this is EXACTLY why we need to hang onto our guns!!!! I'm sure this was a joke, but that is the mindset people have!!!!
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