In the Mind of a Criminal

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In the Mind of a Criminal

Post  QBcrusher on Wed Jan 09, 2013 9:18 am

Ok, try to put yourself in the mind of a criminal.

You decide you are going to rob a small corner store. You arrive at the store and there are 3 customers, and the store clerk. Nobody is armed in the store, except you because there is a ban on citizens owning guns. The only way you managed to get yours was because you bought one illegally. You walk up to the register and pull out your gun, and rob the teller. At that moment in time, you have the ability to end the lives of 4 innocent, very easily. You actually do shoot all 4 of the people, continue to rob the register and make it out un-followed because nobody called the cops.

Now imagine you are the criminal in the same situation, only as you are walking into the store, you see an armed police officer looking an item on the shelves. If you decide to go on with your crime, there is a chance that the cops gun could kill you. This is the thought process for a criminal that encounters one person that is armed opposition.

Now imagine for a 3rd time you are in the same situation, but this time ALL 3 customers were armed, and the shopkeeper was also armed. Would you try to even risk robbing a place when there is a great possibility you will get 4 bullets in the head?

Would you rather break into a house of family that is un armed and defense less, or would you rather break into a house that is heavily armed?

It is a very simple simple solution. Allow a well-regulated citizen police force to maintain the safety and security of all people.
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