How the Media is Corrupting Your Mind

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How the Media is Corrupting Your Mind

Post  QBcrusher on Fri Jan 11, 2013 4:02 am

When you turn on your television and tune into the news, you are told what the journalist tells you. Now, that journalist does not personally know exactly what is going on. When the journalist arrives on the scene, they are briefed on the information and then they report. Now how can we be completely certain that they are delivering us the whole truth? Well you would be able to tell because other channels would be reporting on different news. Not necessarily. What if all of the mainstream media outlets were sponsored by the same people when you travel up the line of cashflow? Is it really impossible to get a false or biased story released to the public? You are told about a story of what happens in say Iraq. Did you personally see what was occuring in Iraq, or are you going by a few video clips, photos and what the journalist tells you.

My point being is that there is a complete war on for your mind. You must understand that the world is not perfect and it is possible for a person in a position of power to manipulate your thoughts without you even knowing it. They could also manipulate you to the point where you ridicule anyone who tries to point out these lies.

It really kills me to see our sad, little heard of sheep that we call humanity follow blindly and completely shut their eyes and cover their ears when they are presented a little bit of truth backed up proof.

There is more proof there is a New World Order forming than not. There are hundreds of 2 hour long documentaries backed up with proof to out the NWO. When you question the possibility of a 1 World Government forming to the government officials, they simply laugh and say it's a conspiracy theory. When you continue to make points and present proof, they simple claim it is a lie and that you are a conspiracy theorist and terrorist.

Why are we so willing to believe the people who do absolutely nothing for us, rob us blind with taxes, kill hundreds of kids in the middle east, outsource all our jobs, steal tax dollars, and lobby, but we are not willing to believe millions of people that are just like you and me, and try to spread the word of peace and honestly believe it is possible we could all live in harmony and abundance.

I just cannot wait until we have our mass-awakening, because as it is currently being proven, history ALWAYS repeats itself. Most people are just too f*cking stupid to see that we are going through what many, many oppressed people have gone through in the past.
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