Sad Thing About Modern America

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Sad Thing About Modern America

Post  QBcrusher on Wed Feb 13, 2013 8:57 pm

The sad thing about modern day America is that we are regressing. The founders fought so hard to make is so they could be self dependant and not have to depend on government, because they saw first hand how horrible government could be and it was more about power, and not about the happiness of the people. Well they fought and got their wish, and loved it. But taking care of yourself is not easy. Over many generations, people forgot how horrible it is to be dependant of the government, and just thought about how hard it is to be self sufficient. So, they began to give in and let the government take care of them because its easier. Not only is it easier to let them take care of you, but it is even harder to take care of yourself now because there is not enough jobs, and wages are so low compared to recent inflation.

To fix america, we need to start taking our lives into our own hands. Don't rely on foodstamps or the supermarket, learn how to grow your own food. Start purifying and storing water. If you had your electricity out for that blackout this summer or during sandy, you know how much it sucks to be stranded by your government during a crisis. We were very close to not eating that whole week. That is why I am taking it into my own hands to be at least partially self sufficient. It is very tough, especially if you work full time, but it is worth it to know you won't have to stand in a breadline during a crisis to feed your kids or yourself.
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