The Dorner Case

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The Dorner Case

Post  QBcrusher on Fri Feb 15, 2013 4:36 am

Here's how I feel about the Dorner Case.

It was obviously handled wrong because it was not actually a "Case". The guy was executed before he even got a trial or anything. The point of the court system is that you have a chance to defend your case, no matter how obvious it is that you are guilty.

Imagine if he did not actually commit his crime? Now I haven't actually seen it myself, but I am to understand he wrote a facebook post saying that he did it.

What if his phone was stolen and he didn't write the post?

Courts are made so that if that was the case, we find out before we execute the guy. I definitely could have been guilty, but he also could have been innocent and framed.

I guess the police are claiming they didn't say burn it down but if you heard the tape, it is pretty obvious what they were saying. If you have ears, you heard it.

I have no idea what crime this guy Chris Dorner really committed, but we will never know 100% because he was conveniently burned alive with all the evidence in the end.
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