Arming Teachers

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Arming Teachers

Post  QBcrusher on Tue Feb 26, 2013 11:01 pm

I was reading a status of a guy I went to highschool with (He's a hardcore Liberal) and he was talking about how he thinks arming teachers is the worst idea ever. I personally support the idea, but he did raise a good point. Thinking back on the highschool I went to, I honestly wouldn't trust any of the teachers there with a gun. Most of them were incompetent morons and I would have been better off carrying the weapon myself.

After thinking about it for a few mins, I came up with an idea I found interesting..

What if at the end of every seniors year, they vote on which teacher they think would be most qualified to carry on the school grounds. Think about it, nobody knows the teacher better than the student. Shouldn't it be the students right to take responsibility of their own peers safety and decide who should take on the roll? Obviously, the results would be secret (To keep the element of surprise of course). But this would partially eliminate the risk of getting a psychotic teacher in the school with a gun. Graduating students would not pick a teacher who was mean their entire time at the school. They would pick their favorite, which is usually a teacher who actually enjoys their job, which in turn would be a teacher who would never harm a student.

Just a thought to throw out there.
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