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Post  QBcrusher on Sun Mar 03, 2013 4:29 am

It really frustrates me that there are people who can look through history, and watch tyrants try over and over to take over countries (or the world) and then think that we are in a magical time period where history doesn't repeat itself.

Why would you think that with all these technological advances that we have made, that it is impossible for someone to take advantage of that and enslave us with it?

Why is it so tough to understand that they watched past tyrants fail over and over because they moved too quick and gained the attention of good people, so this time they are doing it slowly in stealth?

Why is it that there are people with billions and trillions of dollars, but there are a billion people in the world who go to sleep hungry every night?

Why is it that we believe the world is overpopulated, but we look outside at a patch of grass in front of our house where a garden could be feeding your family? How about that tree that could be a fruit tree feeding people?

Why is it that raw milk farmers continuously get raided by the government and nobody questions their motives?

Why is it that numerous elected officials introduce bills to ban more than semi-auto rifle, but then people claim "Nobody is after your guns"?

How come the concept of "Fractional Reserve Banking" is even legal?

Why do the top corporations sometimes pay literally 0 taxes while the small businesses go bankrupt on a daily basis?

Why does the FDA allow Aspartame, GMO, MSG and Sodium Nitrate in our food?

Why do people slave full time just to make ends meat and pay for the gas to get to work again, and still don't question why their life isn't any better?

Why do so many college graduates finish and still go unemployed + in debt for most of their lives?

How come nobody questions the media when it is caught in a bold faced lie, but then the good guys get their name constantly dragged through the mud for stuff they rarely even say?

Why do people accept the fact that we are one of the highest disease ridden countries in the world, but we also pay the most for health care?

Why would you even think the health care system is trying to help you anyway, when they make 0 dollars if you are cured?

I just want to know why people don't ask questions more often...If you ask these questions you get ridiculed and called a crazy tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist.

What is stopping a corrupt government if you are not allowed to question them?

Political Correctness has basically destroyed the 1st amendment legally.

The corrupted Representatives will not back down on the proposed gun legislation bills to restrict our 2nd amendment, but we will not back down either.

Most people are not stupid. They know the guns are here to protect us from people, not to hunt. The people who grew up in the corrupted school system and felt that sense of patriotism when reading through history will never give in.

The founders were broad on purpose when writing the 2nd amendment. That is because there are no exceptions. There is no arguing "Well it was meant for hunting" or "Oh they didn't mean guns that could actually kill people". No. People back then were armed just as well as the government was, and that was the future they envisioned. I am not saying that citizens should have nukes, because I don't believe anyone should have nukes. But I do believe certain militias that defend against tyranny and threats to our constitution should be armed to the teeth with bazookas and tanks like our government.
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