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Post  QBcrusher on Wed Mar 27, 2013 7:01 am

Sorry I haven't written, or done much with the site lately. Basically I am trying to set up my own site not hosted on forumotion. I think I will keep this for the forum, but I want something so I can display webpages that I save, and download mp3s and videos. I have been posting on my facebook page though. I have also not stopped gathering information and researching.

I also watched a bunch of Spirit Science lately, and I tried Astral Projection again.
I actually am a firm believer it works.
I was laying down, clearing my mind and repeating the sounds that I read are good to use to clear your mind.

Anyway about 3 minutes after laying down, my body started tingling, which I heard is normal.
I ignored that for awhile and I started seeing a flashing white light where my pineal gland is located.
My eyes started rolling into the back of my head and my heart started beating incredibly fast.

I chickened out after that. It was scary, but cool at the same time. I think I was doing it right, if I would have kept going without moving. I'll get it eventually, I know I will.

I'll write again,
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