Monsanto Protection Act

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Monsanto Protection Act

Post  QBcrusher on Fri Mar 29, 2013 3:23 pm

For those of you who don't understand what the Monsanto Protection Act is, It is a small portion of a new bill that has been passed that strips the right from the government, FDA or any other agency to discontinue the production of genetically modified seeds (GMO). Yes, for the first time, EVER, our government willingly gave their power away in an attempt to further strip of your natural right to organic food.

If you don't know all that much about GMO, I will tell you that it literally spreads like a parasite. For years GMO crops have been spreading and "infecting" hard working farmers crops, legally giving Monsanto the right to seize whatever it wants. Yes, Monsanto is not only poisoning us, they are pulling a mass heist at the same time.

My advice to you is: Start investing in Organic Seeds. The way it is looking, organic is going to get harder and harder to obtain. You will want a nice supply of seeds so you can start your own greenhouse (plus, it will be a great business investment). Imagine how many people will be willing to pay a hefty price for your seeds when you can no longer get them easily?

Don't be an idiot, start preparing now. You will regret it now if you don't.
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