Boston Bombing

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Boston Bombing

Post  QBcrusher on Wed Apr 17, 2013 2:21 am

Has anyone noticed that as soon as the gun control is starting to look grim and people aren't buying into the Sandy Hook parents begging for gun control, a random bombing happens? Not to mention, the drill going on at the same time, the bomb sniffing dogs around before hand, and the media blaming "Right Wing Extremists".

This whole thing smells fishy to me. I'm not saying its 100% a false flag, but the timing just seems so convenient. Wouldn't it be very convenient for the government to keep us distracted while they debate CISPA, Gun Control and Immigration?

Plus, there was a senator that got an envelope full of poison sent to him. Isn't this the same thing that happened after 9/11?

To me, it just seems way too coincidental.

I believe they are going to use this as much as they can. Peter King is already talking about more surveillance, and Boston removed all it's trashcans.

I wouldn't be surprised if we go into war again sometime soon.

IDK, I am just VERY skeptical about this whole situation.
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