Why Do We Discriminate?

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Why Do We Discriminate?

Post  QBcrusher on Wed Apr 17, 2013 7:16 am

Why do we value innocent people less because they are farther away? People are always so hateful towards muslims, but do you really blame them? Do you understand what OUR government does to these people? Put yourselves in their shoes..You are sitting in your shack, playing cards with your family. All of a sudden, a drone flies over head and drops a bomb. Your daughter and spouse are dead, and your son is badly wounded. You are so angry at this situation, you grab your weapon and take to the streets, trying to fight off the troops that have invaded your home. You obviously aren't very fond of the troops. When they aren't destroying your village, they are belittling your culture, and making fun of your every way of life. They also call you a terrorist, as they terrorize you. You aren't really sure why they are so full of hate towards you, or what they want.

You are an average Iraqi citizen. You committed no crime. Your only crime is living in the wrong place, at the wrong time, trying to live the best life you can.

Do you still think they deserve it? Do you really think these people had this coming? They are punished because of the actions of their government. Could you imagine what it would be like, if we suffered for the crimes OUR government commits? Our punishment would be horrible on a daily basis. If anything, we would be more guilty than them with that logic. Their government killed a few thousand, ours has killed MILLIONS.

Stop buying into mainsteam anti-muslim propaganda. People are people. There are good people, and there are evil people. No certain race is all good, and no certain race is all evil.

Love your fellow man (or woman). We are all one. We need to learn how to embrace this concept, very soon because you will be faced with challenges very soon.

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