Random Boston Bombing Facebook Rants

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Random Boston Bombing Facebook Rants

Post  QBcrusher on Sun Apr 21, 2013 12:00 am

Here are some random rants I made recently on Facebook


Sorry to break it to you, but Boston was a test to see if they could trick everybody into Martial law because of ONE person on the loose. How many killers run the streets on a daily basis, and they don't lock down and entire city? Sadly, Boston failed the test miserably, because you did not resist and you praised the government after you were allowed to leave your house. Do you realize they suspended the 4th amendment and SWAT entered whatever house it pleased without warrants?

If you do not think this is a bit abnormal, you are a moron. Expect this in YOUR town soon.


Do you guys realize if this was really America, every gun owner in Boston would have been out in the streets, hunting the fucker down? There would have been none of this lockdown, martial law shit. They would have had him caught, dead or alive, within hours.


I know it sounds like a dick thing to say, but I kinda hope they keep Boston under martial law for a nice long time, so people will realize the shit we warn you about on a daily basis isn't a fucking joke. They WILL lock you down and strip your freedoms away with absolutely no remorse. Pay very close attention to Boston right now, because one day it will be nation wide.
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