History Never Ceases to Repeat Itself

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History Never Ceases to Repeat Itself

Post  QBcrusher on Thu May 02, 2013 8:06 am

All through history, when a government or empire goes tyrannical, they try to persecute Christians. That is because a real Christian (and by real Christian, I mean someone who lives by the true morals of Christ) has the understanding that every man was created equally, with free will. This is the exact opposite of what a Tyrannical Regime wants to see in their citizens. They cannot have a freedom exercising, god loving, armed group screwing up their plans of total control. Therefore, they must play Christians off as the enemy. They must halt people from even spreading the name of God, because in these dark times, people will convert and see the light much more easily.

The Obama Administration is now claiming that it will court marshal anyone caught practicing their faith while in the military. If you soldiers put up with this, then you are wasting your own life. You swore to uphold the constitution, and signed your life away to preserve the freedoms of the people. You are included as part of the people. If you let them suspend your rights, you are abandoning the entire reason why you are fighting in the first place. Which is why I say you are giving your life away for nothing.

Anybody, even Atheists have to acknowledge the historical significance of this situation. We are moving in very close to some very prominent events in our history. This fight could very well decide the outcome of the entire war as well. DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR RIGHTS!!!!

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