Innocent People Get Harassed and Slammed Against House By SWAT

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Innocent People Get Harassed and Slammed Against House By SWAT

Post  QBcrusher on Wed May 08, 2013 5:09 pm

I was talking to and old friend and she was standing outside with her mom and saw the SWAT team come up on the street. They had been looking U Haul that has apparently been running drugs, hidden inside furniture. Before the SWAT showed up, the U Haul had went down their street. Well like most people, my friend and her mom were curious and wanted to see what SWAT was doing so they followed them around the block. They get noticed, and SWAT starts questioning them about if they saw the truck. Hesitant (likely noticeably) because she didn't want to be a snitch, she said no. SWAT instantly moved closer to them and pushed them against a random house, rifles pointed at them and shields out. Fearing for her life, she naturally told them she saw the truck, and they let her go on her way.

This type of treatment towards innocent Americans is becoming more and more common recently. People laugh when you say we live in a police state, but look around us. We have some of the biggest prisons in the world, and you have SWAT teams harassing curious people walking down the street.

If you see something like this happen, don't be afraid to record and speak out. Its your right to do so.
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