Cut Out The Middle Man --- A More Honest Voting System

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Cut Out The Middle Man --- A More Honest Voting System

Post  QBcrusher on Tue Jun 04, 2013 7:36 pm

So I was thinking, we live in the age of technology, why the hell do we still need politicians to vote on our policies for us? The reason for having them in the first place was because it is too hard to manage every citizen voting on every bill, but you know what? That isn't hard to do anymore with the internet! We could have certain days that registered voters will vote on the issues that have been submitted by citizens the entire time leading up to voting day. You will probably say "Well people will figure out how to fix the system" and that is not necessarily true. You could still have voting registration like we do now, but instead you get a unique, lengthy code that you will use as a voter ID. That voter ID number will only be valid for the next voting day. When you go to vote, you will have to verify all of your information (Drivers licence number, SS Number, Birth City, etc).

Running a government is like running a business, and one of the basic rules of a business is you make more money, and have less of a chance of getting ripped off if you cut out the middle man.

The US Government is OUR business, and the POLITICIANS are the middle man!
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