I Pity The Naive Fools

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I Pity The Naive Fools

Post  QBcrusher on Wed Jun 05, 2013 12:30 pm

To those of you who wake up everyday, and think it is just another amazing american day and the world is going in a great direction, I pity how naive you are. Grow a pair, and stop being afraid of what you know in your gut is true. I was thinking about it last night, even if there is no "new world order" and all these corrupt groups aren't conspiring against us together, they are still here, and they are fucking us from every direction. People call me a dedicated activist, I call myself someone who cares about this planet, and this country. I want my children to grow up in a world I can be comfortable dying and leaving them in. Too long have people sat by and said "that's just the way it is". It is that way because people like you never stood up and protected your family, and your people. It just upsets me so much that people are afraid, or just don't care to help yourself. But you have no problem complaining about the economy do you? Going to a poll booth and pushing a button does NOT change policy. The only way to get real change is to stand in the streets and let everybody know you will not take this bullshit. We were founded by a group of men who would scream "give me liberty or give me death" I think about 98 percent of americans no longer have that mind set, and are willing to settle with "good enough". Well I pity you. Your forefathers pity you. And in the future when your children wonder why they were born into this shitty world, they will also pity you. They will read their history books and wonder why you were not courageous like those people. They will wonder why you never fought for their future and ask you why. Are you going to tell them you were too busy watching tv, and playing games to care about their life? You may think you have no power, and that is because this society is designed to make you feel that way. Let me tell you, you do have power. You have more power than you could possibly imagine. You were graced with a voice and a functioning brain. Those gifts were not given to you so you can waste them and not change the world. My belief is the meaning of life is to learn, and change the world just a little bit. Join me in the resistance. Join me in the fight for our future!
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