America is NOT Immune

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America is NOT Immune

Post  QBcrusher on Thu Jun 13, 2013 7:16 pm

Why is it that Americans have this odd belief that The United States in in a different universe or something? Do you people not realize that we live on the same planet as everybody else, and we play by the same rules as well. We are NOT immune to corruption or tyranny. If we do not watch our leaders, they will not work in our interest. Honestly, would you look out for people that you don't know if there were millions and billions of dollars to be made?

Do you realize that American companies that send food to other countries label GMOs in their food, but they don't bother to do it for us?

Contrary to popular belief, even though we have the most expensive healthcare in the world, that does not mean we are immune to illness. Eating unhealthy will take its toll on you, just like every other human being.

People all around the world are rioting, and protesting because their governments are not working for the peoples best interest.

We are supposed to be the worlds most fearless country, but we have been turned into a bunch of rich, spoiled, little bitches.

I am sick of watching my homeland get ass-raped on a daily basis, and watching unpatriotic fucks defend the people who are destroying us. Do you support the troops? Then stop supporting their deaths in useless wars which are purely for profit.

Just remember, after the revolution happens, people who defended this corrupt system WILL be punished. Don't forget, the NSA tracks every single conversation. When we have justice, all of that data will go to the people, and we will know who every single traitor is.
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