Some Simple Steps for a More Secure Internet Session

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Some Simple Steps for a More Secure Internet Session

Post  QBcrusher on Thu Jun 20, 2013 7:17 pm

We have all been hearing about how the NSA is infringing on our Constitutional Right of no illegal searches, and logging almost EVERYTHING we do on the web. Generally it is pretty difficult to get around this spying frenzy, but there are a few steps you can take to at least make it harder for them to spy on you.

I am no internet security genius, but I do know a little bit more than the average user. I have done a bit of research to find out how to become a little more anonymous, and came up with a few simple ways.

Your web browser is your everything when searching on the net. You feed all of your personal information to it. It would be a safe practice not to use web browsers used by the companies who have been spying. My personal recommendation would be Mozilla Firefox. They have made it very clear that they will not tolerate NSA spying, and also promote a Petition to Congress against the NSA's actions. Mozilla is a non-profit organization, which is also a +1 on their part.

Downloading an ad-blocker such as Adblock Plus also wouldn't be a bad idea.

Ghostery also lets you block specific elements from loading in your browser.

You should ALWAYS log out of Facebook and Google when browsing the web. If you are logged into Facebook and stumble across a webpage that has a Facebook Like Box on it, Facebook automatically knows that you visited that page. The same goes for Google.

There is a way you can still Instant Message on Facebook and many other Instant Messaging programs without actually being logged in, and that would be the All-in-one Messenger called Pidgin.

This is actually a very useful program, because you can add plugins such as Encryption for your chats.
I cannot provide information on how to use the encryption because I have not figured it out myself yet, so you will have to do that research yourself.

Here is a Simple Guide For Adding Facebook to Pidgin
When linking multiple buddy lists, it may not save your categories the way you want it to, so you will want to download the plugin XMPP Ignore Groups.

Email is a bit trickier. Gmail, AOL, Outlook/Live/Hotmail, and Yahoo are all out of the question, so we are left with few options. Hushmail is supposed to be a good option, but for a free email, you have to log in every 3 weeks. That won't be a problem for someone who uses their email a lot. Startmail will also be released sometime in 2013, but from what I know, it will be a pay to use program.

When using a search engine, you should choose wisely as well, because all of your searches are recorded. If you insist on using Google, you should always log out before preforming searches, but that will not guarantee your privacy. There is an alternative called Startpage but I do not personally find it's results to be as good as Google's. Bing and Yahoo are also bad options as well because they record searches too.

For an operating system, Ubuntu is for sure your most secure option. The problem with Ubuntu is that it is not very user friendly, and requires a bit of PC knowledge to be able to use it comfortably.

Also make sure you always have virus protection running. If you can't afford one, use a free program such as Avira or Avast.

You should also ALWAYS cover webcams when they are not in use. You do not want someone to be able to watch you whenever they desire.

As I stated above, I cannot promise you will be completely secure by following these steps, but it will sure make it a lot harder for them to get what they are looking for. At least make them work for your information.

Good luck, and happy web surfin'

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